CAP 105 Final Exam Scavenger Hunt!

CAP’S Squad Final Exam

unnamed Our group name for our final project was CAP SQUAD. Our group consisted of me, Maria and Tiera. The group got together and walked around the Allendale campus to take pictures at our favorite landmarks and art pieces as well as our favorite spot on the beautiful Grand Valley campus.

Group Photos!

GVSU Clock Tower

The Iconic Grand Valley clock tower. When you go and visit Grand Valley, one of things that you will most definitely remember is the clock tower. The clock tower came to the Grand Valley campus back in 1994. By having bright gold hands and roman numerals, it makes it very easy to tell the time.

Little Mac Bridge

 Little Mac Bridge is one of the best nature viewing places on the Allendale campus. The bridge connects two ends of campus together and allows you to take in the nature all around you.  The Little Mac Bridge has been apart of Allendale campus since 1965 with hundreds of students crossing it every day.

GVSU Wrecking Ball

 The Wrecking Ball arrived at the Allendale campus in 1995. Back in 2013, a brave GVSU student decided to ride the wrecking ball bare naked. The student was imitating Miley Cyrus in one of her music videos. The wrecking ball was taken down after the video went viral.  After a few months, Grand Valley decided to put the wrecking ball back, but put a more protective fence around it.

Transformational Link

The Transformational Link is one of the most known sculptures on the Allendale campus.  The big blue walk way  looks very inviting to walk through, but don’t let that fool you. There are multiple rumors that can curse your college career. One rumor says that if you walk through the sculptures backwards all the way though you will fail your final exams. Another rumor says that if you walk through the sculpture from finished end to unfinished. (Towards Little Mac Bridge) then you will fail all your final exams for the rest of your college career.

Internet Memes 

Quidditch Meme
Vader Meme
Hadouken Meme

Internet Research!

Endowment Fund Growth
OverallPrivate Giving Table

These two photos were screen shots from the Grand Valley Financial Report, one the GVSU website. If you would like to see more information please click here

What I found most interesting was with the Overall Private Giving table. What was interesting to me was in 2010, there was 28.4 million dollars given. Just two years in 2012,  only 8.2 million dollars given. I was wondering what happened in a two year period to drop 20 million?

My Favorite Internet Meme

Image from

I don’t know why, but every time that I look at this photo, I can’t help but to laugh. The white animal is a little bit creepy, but the way it is positioned just makes the whole picture. Whenever I don’t know the answer to something this image always pops up in my head and laugh every time.

My Favorite Art Piece

Lane’s Unfinished Cathedral

This is my favorite art piece on the Allendale campus. This piece of art is called Lane’s Unfinished Cathedral, which can be located in the Library on the atrium level by the stairs. This Cathedral is made out of thousands piece of wood. It is my favorite because of how large it is and how long it would have taken to make it. It is made to perfection. I walk by it every time I’m in the library and I can’t help but to look at it for a few seconds as I pass by.

Favorite sport on campus!

Our favorite spot to go to on campus is the library! Check out this cool video!