BrandYourself Pre and Post Test

At the beginning of the semester we were asked to create an account on BrandYourself scans the internet for your name to see if there are any unprofessional material that is out there tagging your name. Once I created my account and allowed the site to link my twitter, it gave a me score. The score I received was a solid B. I was pretty happy with this score because I have had social media accounts for a couple of years and I tried my best to keep everything clean.Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 4.20.38 PM

At the end of the semester I went back to check my score and I was not very pleased. For some reason my score dropped down to a C. I am not really sure on how the score dropped I did not do anything on social media that I would think have an effect on the score. I added some of my other social media accounts and when the site scanned them, it came up with a lot of posts that could be damaging. I looked at the posts to see how they were damaging my score. The post that were labeled as damaging were posts that I made back in middle school and early high school before I took things seriously. By Adding more social media I would think that it would have boosted up my grade back up to at least a B, but it did not move at all. screen-shot-2016-12-08-at-2-01-23-pm


After seeing my score go down, I came up with some plans that can help boost my score to where I want it.

Plan #1 : My first plan is to go and look through all of my old Facebook and Twitter post. I had 66 posts that were considered damaging. By going though my social media and deleting the posts, I think that will bump up my grade a little bit.

Plan #2 : My second plan is to adjust my network. On Facebook I have hundreds of friends. My going through and only removing ones who may not have an appealing profile it may help my score. Also, I plan on expanding my LinkedIn account. I think this could improve my score because it is considered to be a professional website. By making sure that I have a good LinkedIn I think that my score would go up.

Plan #3 : My third plan would be to remove any unnecessary photos on my social media. I do tend on have a lot of pictures of me and my girlfriend on my Instagram. If a future employer is looking at my Instagram, he may have may have weird feelings about what I decided to post. I could remove some of my pictures off Instagram to have a mix of different types of pictures.

Plan #4 : My fourth plan is to be a little more active on social media. Looking around on BrandYourself, it said that being more active can improve your score. I thought that I was being somewhat active by posting once or twice a week. What I can do to improve this is to post at least once a day. Whether it a single post that I created or I could respond to someone else post.

Plan #5 : My last plan is to always check my BrandYourself. This is probably one of the best plans that I can take action on. By checking my BrandYourself, I can see how my name is being perceived on the internet by others. Making sure that your name has no dirt on it is one of the most important things employers look for while hiring someone.


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