Technology in The Work Place

We live in a world where technology is changing the way we are living at a rapid pace. From the newest version of the iPhone to self-driving cars, technology is taking out the traditional ways of our daily habits. Who knows what type of technology we will be working with in our future when we get jobs in a few years. One thing that I think will take off soon would be virtual reality. I recently went on a field trip for one of my college courses and we visited a company called Externa. Externa creates virtual reality software to use for multiple purposes wheatear it be a video game, messing around, or to design. I myself tried out the VR goggles and it was one of the coolest things I have ever done. I could control the entire world inside the goggles. One of the employees Brain gave us a short presentation about virtual reality which was really interesting. He told us in about five to ten years we would be able to put on glasses and holograms would appear all over the room that you are in and you could interact with them. Click here for a cool video to see more of what I am talking about. Virtual reality could really help out with coming up ideas onto how to build things or design a room. When Externa moved into their office building they used the VR goggles to scan the room and come up with ideas on how they want to set up their new office.

One thing that can be difficult to do is having meetings with other team members or clients that you may have. Right now some companies may use facetime or just talk over the phone about whatever they have to talk about. Just like in the movies about the future I believe soon we will be able to use holograms or Hololens to put ourselves in the other persons office without actually traveling. Although these new inventions are brand new to us, there is something coming in the future that everyone is at least somewhat familiar with. Japan is making a “super computer.” This super computer can hold enormous amounts of information and can do anything lightning quick.  This computer is insanely expensive (about 173 million dollars) but it can open eyes for the future. Not many people or companies will be able to afford this computer but they can study on how it was built in order to make it a super computer. In the future and probably well after the first computer is created, the super computer will be somewhat affordable so that companies will be able to put it in their office for their employees to use.

Technology could be a really cool thing to play with, experiment with, and make our work easier, but it can also be scary.  We are relying too much on technology to do certain things for us. If you haven’t seen the movie Wall-E, I recommend that you do because that is where we are heading with all of this technology. Robots are taking the place of people’s jobs creating products and doing daily tasks for us such as a cleaning maid. Technology is taking away what It means to be human and do things on our own. Soon we will live in a world where robots will do our job for us and we won’t have to work at all.


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