Generation Like

Every college student has grown up with social media throughout their lives and now some  people can’t live without it. Most of the online users are using social media for obvious reason such as trying to become popular or famous just like the video Generation Like showed. I remember my first social media account I had was an AIM. This instant messaging network was one of the coolest things that a kid could have at the time. AIM would allow you chat with your friends or whoever else is online. Being able to have a quick conversation with my friends was a big deal to me because I was only a 6th grader in middle school and didn’t have a cell phone yet. When I was an 8th grader I got introduced to Facebook, one of the most well-known social media networks. Once I started using Facebook and understood how others were using it, I changed how I managed my account. I saw other peoples accounts who had hundreds of Facebook friends which would lead to more likes on their posts. I wanted to have a lot of people liking my post just like my friends. I started to become friends with random people just so they can like my posts so I could feel popular. This habit carried over with me into high school where I started to meet new people. By having a lot of friends on Facebook, I felt like a popular kid. In my sophomore year of high school is when I got a twitter and my attitude towards social media was completely different. With my twitter I did not care if I didn’t have hundreds of followers. I did not care for these things anymore because I figured out who I am as a person. My morals don’t care for how many fake friends I have or who likes my posts or pictues. If I did not know the person, I would not follow them. I am only friends with people on my social media who I think should be allowed to look and what I post.

I believe that some people are not using social media they way they should be. Some people are using social media to post pictures of themselves just to see how many likes they can get on one picture. Instagram is a huge culprit for this. Instagram is a social media platform that is used to post pictures of whatever you want. After you post your picture your followers can go and like your picture. People view this as a game to see how many likes they can get compared to their followers. My younger sister uses Instagram this way and let me tell you it is very annoying. One time she posted a picture of our Christmas family photo. Two days later she took it the photo down because she did not get enough likes. Apparently 80 likes aren’t enough for some people. She took down the photo because one of her friends posted a picture andt they got more likes than my sister. I know kids in elementary school who now have a social media account. This can be a serious issue because I think it can cause communication issues later down the road. Online it is easy to type a message and send it to anyone because you are not saying it directly to their face. By not interacting with someone in person can damage how you interact with others in the real world because you do not have a security blanket to hide under like you do online. Social media is a cool and unique thing to have but some people seem to only be using it to become popular or “cool”.


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