The Internet of Things

The internet is the world of the unknown because you never know what will happen when you open it. You could be checking your Facebook wall for one minute but then in 10 minutes you could find yourself watching funny dog videos on YouTube. My first point is about the internet of things.

When you think of the internet of things, what do you think of? Do you think of technology taking over? Well that is what it kind of feels like. According to Forbes Magazine, they say “ Simply put, this is the concept of basically connecting any device with an on and off switch to the Internet (and/or to each other).” ( Morgan) Technology is taking over the world every day and so many people are willing to adapt to this new change. So many companies are using new technology to help their employees do their job better and easier. Although it may be making their job easier, but it is making our job harder as college students and future employees. We already have so much on our plate with learn how to work in the work places and what we need to know. Now we have to go and learn this brand new technology to be able to even be qualified to apply for a job. To be able to succeed in this new world of technology you need to be willing to adapt and change to learn this technology which isn’t always a good thing.

Adapting to technology brings me to my next point, privacy. Everything today involving technology usually makes you make an account to use this technology. Lets take Facebook for example. There is a feature on Facebook that when you sign up and make your account it asks you if you want your account to be public, or have a private account. A private account is when someone has to request to be your friend and you have the option to have them see what you post. Is your account really private though? “ Social media sites allow brand managers to use monitoring software to examine what is being said about a company, individual, product or brand on the Internet.  By doing so, the privacy of social media users is being invaded.” (Stien) Most of what you post is private and only your friends can see it yes, but not everything you put up on social media is 100% private. You can even search your name in google or a search engine and you will find there are pictures of you out there from your social media accounts. Technology is evolving at a rapid pace in today’s world and with that we are become more exposed to it.

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