Ten Jobs in the Advertising Career

Top Ten Job Careers for Advertising 

1. Marketing Assistant for Olympia Entertainment/Detroit Red Wings


I would absolutely love this opportunity to work for this company. I would love to go into advertising within the sports field or with a sports team. The requirements for this job are working towards a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Communications, Business, Advertising, or other related fields. You must know and have an understanding of marketing, advertising and public relations. Also you need at least one year of experience. I think that once I graduate and Get some experience in my field that I would be qualified for this job.

2. Specialist, Digital Marketing for Spartan Nash


This job requires a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Advertising, Web Design or other related field. Some skills required are proficient in communications technologies, particularly digital technologies, and techniques. Working knowledge of WordPress, Drupal, email clients and browsers. I would fall short of this job because I don’t have all of the skills required to be able to perform day-to-day tasks. Also I have not earned my Bachelors degree yet.

3. Graphic Designer/ Account Manager for 40 VISUALS


In this job it would require for you to have a Bachelor’s degree. It didn’t list any specific skills that are required for the job but you would have to be able to work with adobe, PC, and Mac platforms. I wouldn’t be qualified for this job yet because I don’t have my bachelors and I am not 100% familiar with all of the platforms.

4. Advertising Consultant for COX AUTOMOTIVE


Some requirements for this job included 2+ years of proven experience, at least a HighSchool Diploma/ GED and a valid drivers license. I think that I could be qualified for this job soon in my future because the only thing that I am lacking is the 2+ years of experience. There are some “preferred” qualifications but it seems like I already meet some of the basic things that this company looks for.

5. Marketing and Advertising Associate for DMC Results


For this job it has some qualifications. These qualifications are to have a bachelor’s degree, experience in customer service, sales or marketing, and the ability to work in a fast paced environment. I think like once that I get out in the fields and start getting experience that I will be able to qualify for this job. I think that once I graduate and get that experience that I could get this job.

6. Marketing Coordinator for Xoran


This job requires you to have a Bachelor’s degree and at least 2 or more years of experience in the field. You must know how to use Microsoft Powerpoint, word, excel, and outlook. I think that for this job I could qualify for once I get my Bachelors degree. The Microsoft platforms I have a basic understanding of.

7. Business Intelligence Project Manager for CDK Global


The qualifications for this jobber 3 plus years of experience at the project manager position, familiar with the Microsoft programs, and experience working with external clients and vendors. I fall short of this job because I don’t have any experience in the project manager field, also I have never dealt with dealing with clients.

8. Marketing Communications Manager for Amcor Rigid Plastics


For Amcor they require their employees to an undergrad degree in marketing, and MBA or Masters degree, and at least 8 years of marketing and communications experience. I would not qualify for this job because I have not yet gotten my masters or MBA degrees and also have not had any experience yet.

9. Sales Manager-Multimedia Advertising for michigan.com-Gannett


For this job it requires a Bachelor’s degree, at least 7 years of sales experience, and a track record of penetrating and growing B2B accounts. I think it would take a while for me to be able to qualify for this job because I do not have my bachelors degree yet and do not have any experience. Another thing is that I have no idea was B2B is so I would have to learn and practice that as well.

10. Account Manager – Advertising and Marketing for michigan.com-Gannet


This job doesn’t have a lot of qualifications. The require and associates or bachelors degree in marketing, advertising, or business. The also require you to have 2 plus years of account management or sales experience. I would be able to qualify for this job once I graduate and get some experience out in the work place just like all of the other jobs.


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